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Denis Bonnici Electricians Ltd. as a part of Nimbus Meters, offer a repair service second to none, and if it can't be fixed then there is no charge.  Competitive prices at a fixed rate of 60 (includes VAT), plus parts to get you up and running again.  Electrical condition reports available, offering free estimates and being Part P Certificated.

Electric Oven Repairs

We can repair electric oven problems like thermostat failures, cracked hinges and faulty fans.  Electric cooker breakdowns could be caused by faulty thermal fuses. Our service includes cooker hoods, conventional ovens, fan ovens and hobs.

Storage Heating Repairs


Most common reasons why a storage heater stops working completely is due to a faulty thermostat or a blown element. Really only a qualified electrician or engineer should attempt a storage heater repair. Thermostat and elements have been known to need replacing after some years of service. You know when an element fails as a section of the heater turns cold.  We are able to repair or replace your storage heaters.


Nimbus Meters can offer a free presentation to residents on the use of storage heaters.  This can enable you to reduce your electricity bills by careful and intelligent use of your storage heating.


Immersion Heater Repairs


The most common faults we find with immersion heaters are caused by lime scale build up within the tank. Problems with water temperature are often an indication of a faulty immersion heater

We can, repair or replace.

Did you know that a hard water element can last you up to four times longer than a soft water element. 





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