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Nimbus Meters have recently been taken over by Denis Bonnici Electricians who have been operating for over 25 years.  Providing an all round electrical service including all your electric meter needs, involving the installation of  new meter card systems, check meters to monitor your existing usage and meter, single phase and three phase meters and more.  Servicing the Eastbourne and surrounding areas.

 Standard Card Meter 5188A

The Ampy 5188A is a single phase Pre-payment kWh meter. This meter works from a Magnetic card which offers a safe simple and efffective solution for "pay as you go" electricity, this elimanates debts that may occur as a result of non-payments of bills or even break ins attracted by the cash of the old coin meters. 

The 'Meterman' Programming Card enables the landlord or site manager to change the meter's charging parameters using the push buttons on the front of the meter.

Electricity cards are available in 1.00, 5.00, 10.00, 20.00 and 50.00 values


Check Meters / Data Logger

Designed to monitor an existing meter.  Fitted along side a single or three phase meter, the data logger will test the efficiency of the existing meter and check if it is running too fast or slow, and log the discrepancy.

This GSM modem and safety isolation unit is in a single device. The internal GSM modem provides a reliable means to communicate data by SMS messages as a part of an AMR, energy management or monitoring system.

To read these remotely you will need MeterOnline, unless you have your own AMR system.

This system is tamper proof.



Timed Coin Meter

Coin meters and coin operated timers where the insertion of coins starts the timer which turns on the device for a fixed period of time.  This type of meter is suitable for washing machines and tumble dryers in communal areas.  similar meters available for the commercial market for tanning beds, heating and hair dryers.



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